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Adolescents, Teenagers, and Teens

Adolescence can be a tough time in life especially in today's fast moving society of non-stop technology and re-defined social interactions.  As a parent we want the best for our child and the developmentally appropriate changes in pre-teen and teen years can make that challenging.   

There are a variety of concerns that can come up for young people including:

  • ·         Feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, or full of anxiety and panic
  • ·         Feeling alone, full of sadness, or depressed
  • ·         Thinking about self-harm or cutting
  • ·         Being bullied
  • ·         Struggling with low self-esteem
  • ·         Questioning sexual orientation or gender


These thoughts and feelings can come out in a variety of not so healthy ways; talking with someone other than a parent can sometimes help the process towards a healthier path.   A safe place to develop positive coping strategies, to use not only throughout the day but also as the new hurdles to adulthood approach, can be the answer.

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